Introducing Last Chance Lacrosse.

A site to follow all things LAX in Montana and abroad. All things? Ha! I wish. I’m not sure how I would be able to pull that off. Maybe pull the old tired out trick of posting links to other websites. Let them do all the work while I sit back and sip my lemonade. Be a middle man, kind of like a middie? except not breaking a sweat. I’m not sure I could do that. What type of value does that hold? Don’t get me wrong if something is that exciting / interesting I’ll pass it along but This site will not fall in to the copy cat format of others. This is Last Chance Lacrosse.

My background in lacrosse is not spectacular. I’m no Paul Rabil. I don’t come close to being anything resembling the Powell brothers. I didn’t play as a kid. I didn’t play in college. The sport was not in my blood from the beginning. I was introduced to the creators game by my son. He wanted to play a spring/summer sport that mirrored his winter sport of ice hockey a little more than soccer. He found the physical play, hands eye coordination and team aspects instantly appealing.

I was deployed with the national guard his first season. It was his second season (and Helena’s first season) that I started to take notice and boy did it grab me by surprise. This game is fun. This game is challenging. This game makes me look forward to spring. I’m a level one coach and helped coach a U9 team during Helena Lacrosse Club’s second season.  During the clubs third season I again helped coach u9 and also took on a new role as a referee. With a ref hat on you see a different view of the field. you hone in on a different flow. I see the challenges on both sides. I also play mens pick up games once a week. That showed me another angle. 1: I was out of shape. 2: it opened my eyes to how difficult it can be to see the whole field. As a coach you tell your players, “Pass, Pass Pass!” and “Didn’t you see that open person!” well I can now tell how difficult it can be.

IMG_1575I watch Lacrosse as a parent. I coach as a mentor and I ref as a leader. I aim to express my experiences through LAST CHANCE LACROSSE. The Helena valley survived from the discovery of gold in LAST CHANCE GULTCH and there was no turning back for Montana’s capital city. Lacrosse is here now and it is here to stay


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